“extending our
world outside of
everyday life”

I’m Patrizia, Trish for short

I was born in Melbourne, but have roots in Italy – breathing a homely but multicultural element into my work. Using both my roots and vision for the future, I intend on extending our world outside of everyday life – allowing us to enjoy the colours that nature treats us to, and those that we often miss.

In my early days of photography, I travelled to over 20 countries – including New Zealand, Egypt and India – in order to develop and practice my skills. These experiences, along with my studies, have allowed me to become a well-practiced and refined photographer.

If you have any questions or would like to reach out, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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vlog our travels”

Follow me and my partner, Melinda Elaine as we vlog our travels in photography and design in our Youtube channel Photozigner.

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Recently, I was honoured to win first and second prize in the Rotary Club of Laverton Point Cook’s 2017 Photo Competition.

Photographed with the Fuji Film XT2 mirrorless camera, a new line of modern technology, these images are the perfect representation of my keen eye for landscape and the advancements of today's technology.


"Thank you Trish! I am so unbelievably happy with my purchase!"

I recently purchased one of Trish’s photographs to put on a 3 piece canvas and I couldn’t be happier with my selection and the outcome.

Not only is the picture I chose absolutely amazing but Trish actually helped me with everything I needed to do to get the canvas made. I was so stuck on what photo to use so I contacted Trish and she showed me what all of her photographs would look like on the canvas I was getting made up. I came to my final decision, which was extremely hard because I loved every picture I was shown.

I highly recommend Trish if you are wanting a gorgeous photo for your wall at home. Thank you Trish! I am so unbelievably happy with my purchase!


"You have definitely captured the dreamy atmosphere of the boats moored at Tromso in Norway"

So pleased with our new framed seascapes and proud that they are works of a local photographer. You certainly are talented Trish.

You have definitely captured the dreamy atmosphere of the boats moored at Tromso in Norway, and the colours in the sunset on the other seascape make a striking contrast. We have received lots of nice comments since the seascapes have been put up.

Keep up the good work.